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No 3 Silo & The Silo Precinct
No 3 & 4 Silo Plan
No 3 Silo Stairwell Exterior
No 3 & 4 Silo Plan B
No 3 Silo Exterior
No 3 Silo View from Circle
No 3 Silo View from S Arm Road
No 3 Silo View from S Arm Road
No 3 Silo Exterior
No 3 Silo View from Fish Quay
No 3 Silo Lounge Interior
No 3 Silo Roof Terrace
No 3 Silo Bedroom Interior
No 3 Silo Model

N O   3   S I L O

Apartment Building & Gym - V&A Waterfront



No 3 Silo consists of a varied mix of 78 Apartments, ranging from 1 Bed to 5 Bed Penthouse and also includes retail at grade.

The design idea for the Silo Precinct simultaneously guided and influenced many of the design decisions made during the resolution of Buildings No 2, 3, 4 and 5. The intention for the Public Realm Urban Space design is twofold: to secure by design the ‘space’ about, and encircling the base, of the 1920’s Historic Grain Silo building and to obviate the ‘condition’ referred to as SLOAP – ‘Space Left Over After Planning’


The idea sought to create a multiplicity of Urban space types. This was reinforced by fragmenting the buildings which enclose the space in order to avoid monolithic and only one dimensional interfaces between the buildings and the Public Realm open space. This intent was overlaid with extensive wind analysis, sun projection studies, anticipated uses and circulation patterns. The proposals put forward that the ‘front doors and addresses’ of each building in the Public Realm, should be clearly identifiable and understood.

With VDMMA being responsible for the design of No’s 2, 3, 4 and 5, this  allowed for the simultaneous design development of all the thresholds enclosing the space of the Public Realm. The view was taken that the fragmentation of the surrounding buildings would allow for variety, eschew monotony and it is hoped, allow for the unexpected within the Public Realm. 






Developer / Client
V&A Waterfront


Town Planner
V&A Waterfront

Project Manager / Principle Agent


Quantity Surveyor


Architectural Partner


Civil & Structural Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer


Fire Engineer


Facade Engineer


Enabling Works / Principal Contractor


Interior Design

Source IBA

Acoustic Consultant



MDL / Kate Mc Luckie





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