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B O X   H O U S E

Residence - Glen Avenue, Higgovale, Cape Town



The Box House, as it eventually became known, is built on what probably was the last remaining vacant stand in Higgovale.


The site is very steep, positioned below the road, adjacent to a public open space containing a pine forest and has spectacular views up to the Mountain and over the City, bay and landscape beyond to the north.

The Bridge House, completed by the same practice a few years ago, stands adjacent to the same public open space – across the way.  By extension, the Box House forms part of a composition with the Bridge House, which in itself is a group of structures in a garden setting.

The primary form of the building is expressed as a ‘cube’ – enclosing the dwelling spaces contained within.

The ‘Cube’ is ‘white’: brick, concrete and white paint.  The ‘inner’ spaces are enclosed by timber cladding (larch), full height glazing and timber shutters (meranti) and are expressed on the street and north facades.

The Cube is poised on the natural ground slope, allowing on-grade access from the street.  The front entrance is centrally located at the middle level and at the central stairway that links the 3 levels of the house.

The living spaces and garage are grouped at the entrance level; the bedrooms at the top level and studies at the lower level.

The entrance façade is recessed; the entry leading directly into the entrance hallway and stairway within.  The external timber cladding of this façade is continuous with the internal hallway and stairway space.

The living spaces at all three levels exit onto deep north view facing verandas, consisting of timber slatted floors and are screened by the full height adjustable timber shutters.





Quantity Surveyor
Bernard James & Partners


Structural Engineer
De Villiers & Hulme


Beekman & Thunissen


Landscape Architect


Health & Safety 
Milestone Management




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