C A N N O N S   C R E E K  

C U L T U R A L   C E N T R E 

New Cultural Centre and Hall, Cannons Creek Independent School,
Pinelands, Cape Town



The Cultural Centre further progresses the phased development of Cannons Creek Independent School, commenced in the 1980’s, and follows on the construction of classrooms for the Pre and Primary Schools. (See Cannons Creek Pre- and Primary School, completed 2011)


The brief for the cultural centre required a highly flexible and multifunctional space ; suitable for school assemblies, (standing and seated), theatre productions, meeting space, exam writing space, etc – in short, to be able to host any function of virtually any description.


The site chosen for the new facility is situated immediately adjacent to the ‘incomplete’ 1980’s high School Main Entry, Admin and Classroom block on the corner of Nursery way. From inception – the idea was to further ‘clarify and complete’ the overall Cannons Creek Campus.


The brief also required a ‘bridge connection’ between the two separate 1980’s buildings.


The main internal Auditorium space, at grade and with one mezzanine level, is a direct extension of the adjacent existing building. The roof form however, dips to the same canopy level as that of the Pre and Primary School building, some 40 metres to the North East. Thus the facade of the new facility is proposed as a continuation of the 2011 building. This idea is continued on the South West façade, where a new bridge links the 1980’s classroom blocks.


The Auditorium space can be configured in numerous ways, from ‘standard lecture room seating’ to ‘theatre in the round’. Vast sliding doors at back stage can be opened onto the existing playing field, providing an opportunity for external seating for an audience to observe a performance on the stage.


The Schools Main Entry has been retained, a new courtyard between new and old buildings created and 3 new music rehearsal rooms are also included in this phase of new buildings.







Quantity Surveyor

Smith & Co.

Structural Engineer


Health and Safety


LA Developments Cape


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