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C A N N O N S   C R E E K  

P R I M A R Y   S C H O O L

Cannons Creek Pre-Primary and Primary School,
Pinelands, Cape Town


The new pre-primary and primary school building for Cannons Creek Independent School was completed at the end of 2011, answering the growing demand for more classroom space within the school.


Consisting of an entirely new ‘block’ of building, the new classrooms are an extension to the 1980’s ‘Campus’ of the School, previously housing both Primary and High Schools in two separate but adjacent buildings.


The main approach to the new building is at a new street gateway. Entry is through a defined ‘entrance door and gate’ within the Administration block, leading into a central ground floor atrium circulation zone with four classrooms on either side, which terminates at the ‘services’ block at the rear and includes a kitchen, store room and ablution facilities. Two steel staircases lead up from the ground floor atrium to the first floor atrium with 8 more classrooms.


The new building sets out to establish a private inner world for the children – masked from the street by the Administration block, in which small and controlled punctured openings in the external façade face the street. The class room windows and doors are maximized for views and sun light. The central atrium is naturally top lit.


Projecting roof overhangs and pergolas screen the large sliding doors and windows from the sun, while large concrete gutters channel rainwater from the roofs onto steel spouts. The rainwater is collected in water tanks below the spouts and is stored for irrigation purposes.







Quantity Surveyor

AECOM Company (Davis Langdon)

Structural Engineer


Edel Construction


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