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H I G H V E L D T   P A V I L L I O N

Residence - Johannesburg



The Pavilion formed part of the original masterplan for the Highveldt House Project. (see Highveldt House  2003 – 2008)


It is positioned to the South East of the Main House.

The site for the Pavilion consists of a prominent ‘koppie’ – typical of the surrounding terrain of ‘The Cradle of Humankind’.Environmental Legislation – and common sense – dictated that new structures may not pierce the skyline of the landscape.


The Pavilion consists of 120 square metres of Study and support spaces and is entirely submerged beneath the soil of the ‘koppie’ – save for one exposed elevation facing to the North, overlooking the existing House and distant hills. The elevation is 19 m long, 3.5 high – and is free of any structural support. Frameless folding and sliding glass doors allow for opening the entire façade.


The Pavilion space is free of structure due to the use of reinforced concrete beams, in places 1 x 1.5 m in girth and depth, contained within the ‘roof plane’, which upon completion was covered over with earth to re instate the profile of the ‘koppie’ sky line. The replaced earth was replanted with indigenous planting which was propagated during construction.

A narrow track links the Pavilion to the existing House.







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