O C E A N   V I E W 

Residence - Bantry Bay, Cape Town


The site of this house is situated high up against the slopes of Table Mountain, overlooking the ocean. The extensive site slopes steeply down hill from the access road and is bounded along its entire length by a forest of magnificent “Bloekom Bome” in a donga.


The project initially commenced as a refurbishment of an existing house. However, the desire to maximize the sea view and to integrate the gum trees into the project resulted in a virtual new build.


Due to the steep slope, the house consists of several levels and contains 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, open plan lounge, dining, kitchen, study, basement pool room and a flat for staff. There is also a dedicated studio.


The two primary aspects of the site are the OCEAN and the FOREST.


All the accommodation is enclosed with full height glazing, creating an uninterrupted relationship with this unique environment. In response to the characteristics of the local climate, all the accommodation is also screened by full height South African Redwood steel framed shutters, mounted on the external perimeter of the verandas, which are attached to the two primary elevations of the house. The verandas are accessed from each level.


The primary internal space is a three story open void, containing the vertical circulation and high level connecting bridges. A timber and steel frame walkway links the open void space with the FOREST, terminating in an open deck platform, some 8m above the forest floor and positioned amongst the branches of the trees.


Being a multi level structure, the verandas allow for an indoor/outdoor living experience at each level. The lowest level consists of a lawned platform – ‘place to kick a soccer ball’ and contains the pool.


The palette of the interior is rendered in light timber & porcelain tiling with neutral tones to accommodate a substantial collection of South African artwork.







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