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P R I N G L E   B A Y   H O U S E 

Residence -  Pringle Bay, Western Cape


A substantial House – positioned on a Fynbos slope above the rock line at the water’s edge overlooking the Bay.


The house was originally built in the early 2000’s.


Around 2013, we were briefed to renovate the existing building which was deteriorating, falling into disrepair in parts, and to review the planning and functional diagram of the House.


Most of the existing spaces have been reconfigured and reconnected in new ways which differ from the original planning layout. Although there was an existing courtyard, which made a lot of sense in this environment where winds can blow hard, there was no route around the courtyard itself to connect the wings of the house. This space has now been encircled by an internal perambulatory, with frequent openings and new vistas to the outside and the South wall enclosing the court has been raised to provide further wind protection.


The relationship of the building to the site, the immediately surrounding landscape, the Fynbos and rocks has been re considered and emphasised. New views of the surrounding mountains and sea, previously obscured, have been opened up. For instance – opening up a vista to see the sea from the front door upon entry, and in doing so, reinforcing and bringing into focus the siting of the House on this unique stretch of coast.


The existing West facing orientation of the house, also the primary view orientation, required a re-modelling of the decks, terraces and the introduction of shutters to ward off the imposing West light heat load.


The primary living spaces have been positioned to gain the most of the sea and bay views.


The entire structure and finishes palette of the building has been re-invented to create a quieter, calmer and more neutral setting for the furniture, fittings and artworks.







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